Another Day Update Blog March 2021

Hey we’re back with an update as promised!

I’m happy to say that both myself and Melo are finally out of college! However due to the COVID pandemic, a lot of post-graduation plans have been put on ice and things have changed from what was hoping to happen.

As you know, we’re a 2 man team and a lot of things fall on me to get things rolling on production. Unfortunately my living situation is changing and I’m not sure how things will pan out for me for the next month or two. That doesn’t mean that development on Another Day has stopped at all but it’s still going slow. We’re still in planning, working out the story draft and developing it to a point where we know all the locations, characters etc. that we need. Things are already changing in the draft for the better, even at the cost of cutting out things that might have been fun but ultimately halted the story.

On the brightside, while I’m still working those things out myself, Melo has been really busy. He’s spent all of 2020 learning to draw so he can help with animating battles. I’m still going to be handling most of the art and cleaning up anything he makes but having someone else to help (especially with animation) is huge.

Melo has also been working on a special tool to help me with writing the dialog for the game. Before, I figured a spreadsheet might be okay, but it wouldn't account for things such as how many characters can properly fit in our text boxes, what effects might be applied on the text, branching dialog and so on. This tool will certainly help a lot, and I’m excited to use it once it’s complete.

I’m really excited for this year. I know it will be a long road ahead, but this will be the true start of being able to work on this game and see it through!

We’ll be signing off again until September with hopefully things moving forward more. Once development picks up, we hope to have more regular updates but for now things will stay a bit loose with the frequency of updates.

- RK-d