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I’m an illustrator who loves colour and light. I primarily work in Clip Studio Paint doing digital paintings and pixel art. I love to work traditionally as well, in acrylic gouache and watercolour. I like to give my work a very personal and human quality through a somewhat minimal approach. The best way to describe it is: I draw what I see and feel.


Musician and programmer. I started making music when I was 14 in Pixel’s PxTone, and have developed a love of tracker workflow recently with Renoise. I love jazz, hip hop, and experimental electronic music like Boards of Canada and μ-Ziq. I’ve been programming for several years and am pursuing an education in computer science. The theory of computers is fun to me but I care a lot more about practical application. I’m currently learning how to draw figures so I can be valuable in animating characters for Another Day (thanks Vilppu). I’m also a big fan of stand up comedy, especially Mitch Hedberg and Mark Normand.

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Twitter: @Arcade_Sunrise