Website Revamp Blog 2020

The original website look was put together in early 2019, which wasn’t too long ago but we wanted to have something a little more sleek and pretty. The look will continue to be a big of a work in progress most likely so. We also decided to change some things up on the website and we hope you enjoy it.

New Things On The Site

The new and improved Home Page will help you see at a glance what new things have been posted to the various tabs on the site without needing to scroll. You should be able to find the newest content posted.

We’re happy to announce the new “Reviews/ Blogs” section. Due to a bit of popular demand we’re going to be doing some writing for the website that won’t just focus on our main project but also covers thoughts on other games and subjects we find ourselves interested in. Game development blogs will remain under their own tab for organization.

The “Art and Music” section is now the “Goodies” section and is still being worked on. We still plan to feature art and music here, but we also want to have a place for comics, illustrations, sketches and just about any bonus content we might want to post. We’re also planning to feature screenshot let’s plays in this section made by both of us. We decided on the word goodies to allow for broader content.

New “About Us” section. Get to know us a little! Just as before, on this page you can also find the development twitter and the email to shoot us any questions you have.

- RK-d